How the Helicopter Was Invented

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How the helicopter was invented

If you’re interested in helicopter pilot training, there are many things you should know. In training at Helicopter Pro, you will learn how to safely operate and fly helicopters, but we also appreciate the history behind the machines. The origins of helicopters have inspired toys, collectors, and those hoping to become helicopter pilots themselves.

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The long history of helicopters began in China in 400 BC. Flying a helicopter today may not make you think that the design originated as a children’s toy, but it did! It was made from bamboo and could even catch a bit of air when the “propellers” were wound and released. Since then, many models of helicopters and attempts to perfect the design have been made to get us to the modern-day machine we know today.

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The First Helicopter

The first modern helicopter was built in the early 20th century by the Russian engineer Igor Sikorsky. After many years of testing designs, he finally created his first successful helicopter in 1939. He designed it to use two or more propellers to provide lift and propulsion, and it was powered by a gasoline engine. You won’t need to know these facts for the written test to become a helicopter pilot, but it is inspiring to see how far these great aircraft have come.

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Understanding the mechanics of the aircraft will help you in your helicopter pilot training. A helicopter is an aircraft with a rotor system for vertical takeoff and landing. It can be powered by either one or two engines, depending on the model. The main rotor blades are attached to the top of the helicopter and spin to create lift. The tail rotor helps stabilize the aircraft while it is in flight.

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Modern Day Helicopters

Luckily, you won’t be flying anything made of bamboo during your helicopter pilot training at Helicopter Pros! With the advancement in technology, helicopters have become more important in modern times, and are used for a wide variety of purposes. At Helicopter Pro, you can learn how to effectively and safely fly.

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Mark Montgomery

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