Helicopters fleet

Helicopter Flight Training Fleet

Helicopter Pro is passionate about providing motivated individuals with the flight training, one-on-one piloting mentorship, and FAA certifications they need to safely and legally operate a helicopter. To ensure our newly minted pilots have the hands-on experience they need to take to the friendly skies, we utilize a state-of-the-art fleet for in-air and virtual flight training. 

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Robinson R44 Helicopter

Since 1979, Robinson Helicopter Company has flooded the skies with more than 13,000 helicopters. 6,000 of them have been the reliable Robinson R44 Helicopter, our chopper of choice here at Helicopter Pro. A seemingly irreplicable balance of speed, control, and comfort, the Robinson R44 helicopter tops out at a maximum cruise speed of 113 knots (130 mph), provides a smooth ride, and offers razor-sharp handling for precise maneuvers.

Robinson r44 helicopter standing

Why The Robinson R44?

The Robinson 44 helicopter offers world-class safety and handling and is an absolute blast to fly — but that’s not the only reason we use them at our helicopter flight training school. The Robinson 44 is also one of the most popular helicopters in the industry and one of the largest fleets in the world. So whether you are learning to fly for fun or you plan to become a commercial pilot, training on a Robinson 44 will give you a headstart when you take your first command.

Helicopter simulator

TH-100 Helicopter
Advanced ATD

From nose to tail, every aspect of the TH-100 open cockpit trainer is designed for seamless pilot training transfer to live aircraft. From the avionics, instrumentation, and hardware to the navigation, scenery data and weather models, mapping and elevation, and more, the TH-100 Helicopter Advanced ATD is the highest fidelity flight training you can experience without leaving the ground.

More Affordable Flight Training

With the state-of-the-art TH-100 Helicopter Advanced ATD, pilots can earn their helicopter licenses at a lower cost than traditional helicopter flight training programs. The hourly rate for using this industry-leading helicopter flight simulator is much lower than the rate for in-flight training, but our world-class instructor ensures you get all the coaching and mentoring you need to take to the skies with confidence.

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