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About Helicopter Pilot Training

Helicopter Pro is a premier helicopter flight training school located in beautiful Sarasota, FL. We primarily utilize the popular Robinson R-44 for our helicopter training, taking pilots from their first introductory flight all the way up to commercial helicopter pilots. Our one-on-one comprehensive helicopter pilot training program provides essential knowledge, training, and guidance in line with FAA requirements. Our instructor is dedicated to individual helicopter training student success, with many students continuing their helicopter training under the guidance of our mentorship program.

At Helicopter Pro, we offer a variety of pilot flight training courses geared for both the enthusiast and professional career seeker, including:

If you have ever wondered what beauty the skies hold and if helicopter flying is right for you, connect with one of our flight instructors today for an introductory flight!


Robinson Helicopter Company, based in Torrance, California, is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters. Since 1979, they have manufactured over 13,000 helicopters, including more than 6,000 R44 models, since its introduction 21 years ago.


    The R44 helicopter is much faster and more comfortable than two-seat models yet is price-competitive with smaller and slower aircraft.


    Maximum cruise speed is 113 knots (130 mph), and the range is approximately 300 miles.

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Mark Montgomery

Mark is the Owner and Instructor at Helicopter Pro. He is an FAA Certificated Instructor in both Helicopters and Airplanes and has thousands of Pilot-in-Command flying hours. If you want to become a helicopter pro, he can help you accomplish your goals.