Our training helicopter is the Robinson R-44, which provides a stable and safe aircraft for students to learn in. It is the most common helicopter flying in the world today.

It depends on the type of license you are seeking, your ability, and your level of commitment. While the FAA specifies a specific number of minimum hours. It may take you longer.

Our charges are based on the length of time you use our services or our aircraft. There is one rate for the aircraft and one rate for the instructor. There are no hidden costs or surprises standing in your way. Connect with the flight instructor today for a breakdown of our pricing.

Your chosen course and your time availability will determine the answer to this question. Remember, It is in everyone’s best interest to complete your training and pass your exams in the shortest time possible.

  1. Take an introductory flight to see first-hand if flying a helicopter is something you would enjoy.
  2. Select your flight training school. Helicopter Pro will provide a unique one-on-one teacher-student relationship.
  3. Contact Helicopter Pro and let them guide you through the initial steps.
  4. Start your flight training.


Introductory flights are typically 30 minutes or 1 hour in length.

During our introductory flight, students will have the opportunity to fly the helicopter. While you do not have to take control, most students enjoy this part of the flight.

While we do not “give rides,” people are welcome to an introductory flight which does not require any commitment to proceed with additional flight training beyond this lesson. The introductory flight is there to ensure you are comfortable in the sky, and flying a helicopter would be something enjoyable for you.


The minimum number of flight hours for this license is 40 hours, but most people tend to complete the program and master the objectives within 60-70 flight hours. Dedicating one or two sessions per week is a minimum schedule to complete this rating within the timeframe. The better way is to fly more often so as not to lose your hard-earned skills.

Yes, a helicopter pilot with a private pilot rating can fly at night as long as the helicopter is equipped for night flights.