As with any licensing program, there are some costs to consider when setting up your training. The total cost can vary based on the level of education you're seeking. Helicopter pros make it easy for you to understand the costs associated with getting your Helicopter Pilots licenses.

Helicopter Pros has many options when it comes to your training. We offer both flight training as well as ground training options. With flight training, you will be operating the Robinson R44 helicopter, and for ground training, you will get to use the state-of-the-art TH-100 Helicopter Advanced ATD simulator.

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Flight Training is based on time in the air with a minimum of 60 minutes at the cost of $750. This includes Instructor fees.

Ground Training cost is $100 per hour. Simulator use cost is $100 per hour plus Instructor fees (if necessary).

There are other expenses involved, such as the cost of your medical examination, headset, logbooks, & the fee paid to the FAA Designated Examiner on test day.