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At Helicopter Pro, we train prospective helicopter pilots to effectively and safely fly helicopters and help those who are already pilots to refresh or enhance their skills. Our one-on-one flight training is for both recreational and commercial pilots to learn operations and flight safety. Located in Sarasota, FL, our flight school offers the best scenic views around!


At Helicopter Pro, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality helicopter flight training with our comprehensive programs. Whether you are an enthusiast looking to get a private pilot’s license for recreational fun or if you are considering an aviation career, our helicopter training can take you where you want to go! Each of our requirements meets FAA requirements, ensuring you can safely operate helicopters no matter your chosen career path. Our flight training courses include:

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In aviation, it is often said that the best office comes in the form of a cockpit, and that is no less true for the beautiful skies of Sarasota. Learn to fly in one of our stunning Robinson R-44 helicopters, one of the most popular and largest helicopter fleets in the nation. These helicopters are the four-seater version of the R-22, featuring a more stable chopper that is less susceptible to wind while being able to travel up to 120 knots. Wondering if flying helicopters is right for you? Book an introductory flight today!

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Helicopter Training Blogs and Expert Tips

How much does it cost to become a helicopter pilot?

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Helicopter Pilot?

As a helicopter pilot, you have the unique opportunity to soar through the skies and see the world from a completely different perspective. The thrill of flying, coupled with the potential to make a great salary, has made becoming a pilot an attractive choice for many. But before you can take to the skies, you’ll…
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How to become helicopter pilot

How to Become a Helicopter Pilot: Requirements, Training, & More

Are you captivated by the idea of soaring through the sky, embracing the thrill of flight as you maneuver gracefully through the air? Whether you are looking for a career in aviation or just want to explore a passion, becoming a helicopter pilot can be a rewarding experience. However, flying helicopters requires specialized training and…
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How hard is it to fly a helicopter

How Hard is it to Fly a Helicopter?

Flying a helicopter is one of the most rewarding and thrilling endeavors a person can experience. Not only does it offer a unique perspective of the world from above, but helicopter piloting also opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Yet, despite the rewards that come with flying a helicopter, there are substantial challenges…
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