Four Interesting Things About Helicopters

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Interesting things about helicopters

If you’re interested in helicopter pilot training, it may be because of how interesting helicopters are. If you’ve yet to discover all of the fun facts about them, we’re here to share! Helicopters are impressive feats of modern machinery. Whether you are learning to fly for recreational or commercial reasons, Helicopter Pro wants you to share in our love for these aircraft.

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They Are Incredibly Maneuverable

Helicopters are the best option to take to the sky if you are looking for maneuverability. In helicopter training, pilots learn to fly the aircraft expertly to use maneuverability to their advantage. The Heli Robinson R44 is a great example of what makes these aircraft so dexterous. The helicopter is very light and is common for personal ownership, and we use it in our fleet as well.

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They Help Impossible Rescues Succeed

Helicopters are used in rescue missions where it is too dangerous to send people on foot. Because they can be landed in tight spots and give vantage points for finding people from overhead. In helicopter pilot training, pilots learn to fly in difficult conditions and can take off and land on a dime. This makes them a reliable option for attempting impossible rescues.


The Idea Has Been Around for a Long Time

Helicopters can be traced back to as early as 400 B.C. They might have begun as small bamboo toys in China, but they inspired many inventors to expand on the idea to create the real helicopters that we use in helicopter training today. Russian engineer Igor Sikorsky is credited with inventing the first helicopter in 1939, which eventually led to the R44s we use in our fleet today.

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They Can Fly Really High

Helicopter pilot training will prepare you to fly helicopters at great heights, but did you know how high they can truly go? The best machines can reach 25,000 feet! Normally, they will average around 10,000 feet when flying. These heights allow helicopters to be used for a variety of things, such as firefighting, rescue missions, and beach tours!

Here at Helicopter Pro, we love all things helicopters. That’s why we help people get their pilot license so that they can experience all of the wonderful and interesting things about them, too! Learn to fly today! 

Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery

Mark is the Owner and Instructor at Helicopter Pro. He is an FAA Certificated Instructor in both Helicopters and Airplanes and has thousands of Pilot-in-Command flying hours. If you want to become a helicopter pro, he can help you accomplish your goals.